Foster care at the Cambridge branch


Cambridge branch does not have a shelter. All the cats in our care are looked after by a team of dedicated fosterers in purpose-built pens in gardens or in rooms in the fosterer's own home until a new home can be found for them.

We can have at any one time over 20 cats and kittens in our care - all waiting for a home to call their own. If you could give a permanent loving home to one or more of our foster cats, please do get in touch with us.

Unfortunately for many cats, suddenly finding themselves in strange surroundings can be a traumatic experience especially if they have lost their owner, home and sense of security all in one go. Our fosterers do their very best to ensure these cats are well cared for and are given as much love and affection as possible BUT what they really want is a new home. There is a special someone out there for every cat. Can you help?

Cat PenThanks go to our team of fosterers, for all the hard work and expert care given to the many cats and kittens that come into our care.

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