Cat Kit-e-Cash is a great opportunity to help our cats and win a prize for yourself. For just £12 per year, you will be allocated the name of one of our foster cats – past or present.
The names are entered into a draw on the last day of the month with prizes of £20, £10 and £5 going to the first three randomly chosen out of the hat.
Each Christmas there is a grand prize which is at least £100 – this increases, depending upon the number of members, to a maximum of £150.
You’ve got to be in it to win it, so join now by sending a cheque for £12 payable to Cats Protection to:
Cats Protection- Kit-E-Cash (Ann Godden), c/o Cats Protection Charity Shop, 172 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3LP. Please do not send cash. Confimation of your entry will be sent along with the cat's name allocated.
Thank you for your support and Good Luck.

Kit-e-Cash winners: (1st Prize £20; 2nd Prize £10; 3rd Prize £5)

January 2018 Neil: C Simpkin Pushkin: J Logsdon Jaffa: F Spore
February 2018 Victoria: V Knowles Rigsby: H Daniel Tigger: B Bridgland
March 2018 Sandy: S Jones Sheba: V Beamish Monty: P Russell
April 2018 Topsy: J Man Mickey: N Pike Chicory: E Howard
May 2018 The Colonel: P Wise Pearl: A Fletcher Wooley Boy: M Bobbin
June 2018 Mickey: N Pike Holly: E Witt Orange: S Keable
July 2018 Ditsy: J Horsler Herman: V Phipps Bob Marley: P Santamauro
August 2018 Chicory: E Howard Jake: S Raif Blossom: S Cope
September 2018 Sweetpea: J Pike Fliss: L Boreham Dorrie: D Lloyd
October 2018 Rudolph: R Christmas Jemima: L Hartley Jordan: V Knowles
November 2018 Felix: R Macro Bailey: T Beckett Lucy Lockett: L Burrows
December 2018 Napoleon: P Echavarry Rupert: H Daniel Truffle: S Horner
Christmas 2018 grand prize: Jaffa: F Spore
January 2019 Bobtail: S Clark Tuxedo: B Cairnduff Boomer: S Raif