Legacy gifts to Cambridge Cats Protection

The Promise of a Lifetime...


More than half the cats Cats Protection help are cared for thanks to legacy gifts, as over half our funding as a charity comes from incredibly kind and generous individuals remembering Cats Protection in their will. Without the support of these cat lovers, we simply wouldn’t be the charity we are today.

Remembering Cambridge branch of Cats Protection in your will, no matter how large or small your gift, makes a huge difference to how many needy cats we can help.

As an example, Cambridge branch received a call from the executor of a supporter’s will asking what the money would be spent on if a bequest was made. At the time, we desperately required a new cat pen for fostering, however at £3,000 each, it is not always possible for us to buy them as we need them, and gave this as an example. We were delighted to receive a cheque soon after from the lady’s estate for a pen, and we shall be forever grateful.

This is just one example of how remembering Cambridge branch of Cats Protection in your will, however small the donation, can make a real difference to our work. Once again we are are desperate for new pens as we are overwhelmed with cats needing care.

To find out the lasting impact a gift in your will could make to the lives of cats and kittens in Cambridge, please contact our Coordinator or Treasurer by calling 01223 356999 to have a chat or receive some information by post.

Cat Guardians

Worried about your cat? Cats Protection understands that many of our supporters are concerned about what might happen to their cat, in the event of their death. For many years, CP have provided comfort to individuals worried about this situation, by offering to make arrangements to care for their cats should they die.  Visit http://www.cats.org.uk/get-involved/support-us/legacy/how-gift-will-menu/cat-guardians for more information.